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 Procedure for solving disputes and claims:

 Step 1:  Receiving

  • Receiving requirements of solving claims of buyers 
  • Customer service of on phone: Tel: +84.4.6658 3962 and email:
  • The time for receiving information of claims is maximum 24 working hours; the time for solving claims can be changed depending on the situation and will be informed specifically for partners after information is received
  • Checking information of claims to receive or refuse

Step 2: Solving claims

  • Collecting information, images and documents from related parties
  • Giving decisions and directions to recover with related parties
  • Solving unit: Customer service

 Step 3:  Completing claims

  • Transferring information to deliverer, following the process of changing/ returning goods (if any) 
  • Returning money to buyers (in case of returning goods) or transferring money to Suppliers/ Partners (changing goods)
  • Confirming the result and closing claims

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