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Supplier : May Tre Lang
  • 327 Duong Thi Muoi (former TCH21) - Tan Chanh Hiep Ward - Distric 12 - Ho Chi Minh
May Tre Lang

Vietnam is a country with a great deal of rattan and bamboo all over the country. Therefore, the demand for bamboo and rattan products is increasing. To meet the demand of bamboo and rattan products of customers, life.

With products that are offered in the market such as bamboo furniture, bamboo furniture, bamboo furniture, bamboo furniture, rattan furniture, bamboo bed, bamboo bed, bamboo counter, bamboo cabinet .... Bamboo Tre Trust will meet the strictest needs of customers.

Beside bamboo furniture products, bamboo bed, bamboo cradle, bamboo counters, bamboo racks, bamboo racks, etc. We also provide bamboo and rattan furniture. Coming to Mui Tre village, customers will have unique products, crystallize many values ​​of labor, bearing bold traditional cultural identity.

With state-of-the-art technology and advanced products before reaching the end-user, the company has to undergo stringent testing and inspection processes to deliver durable, time- Comes with five months without harm to health.

May Tre Lang
Address: 327 Duong Thi Muoi (former TCH21), Tan Chanh Hiep Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City

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