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Supplier : Viglacera Corporation - JSC
  • No.1 Thang Long Avenue - Trung Hoa - Cau Giay - Hanoi
Viglacera Ceramic

- Sensor operated automatic seat and cover
- Automatic flushing
- User friendly touch remote controller that allows the user to access all available functions with a touch: Posterior wash, Feminine wash, Enema wash, Dry...
- Seat temperature control, instant water heating
- UV nozzle sterilization: The UV ray shines for 1 minute after every use and ensures 99.9% sterilization
- Deodorization function by natural deodorization technology.
- Prevents the backflow of waste material into the tank
- Automatic night light

Viglacera Corporation is considered the leading company in building material industry in Vietnam and also confirms its prestige in real estate sector with many housing products including infrastructure of industrial parks for lease, urban areas, houses for sales, trade centers, offices for lease.

VIGLACERA is the leading company in building material industry

Viglacera Corporation is the leading company in building material industry in Vietnam with regards to production capacity, product types, designs and quality satisfying many market segments from ordinary to luxury.

Products of the Corporation contributed to USD 20 millions export turnover/year of the whole construction sector with the product presence in over 40 countries in the world.

Main products of Viglacera include:

• Building glass: 11 groups of products accounting for 40% total capacity of the whole sector with advanced infrastructure and technology, in which many products were firstly launched to the market by the Copration, such as building glass with European standard EN 572-2:2004 meeting the glass embryo for production of Low-E glass, thin glass for production of solar piles…

• Traditional ceramic sanitarywares and fitting: satisfy demands of Vietnamese consumers and currently approach to the high-end market with production capacity equivalent to 10% of total capacity of the whole sector. Showers and faucets create added value for traditional ceramic sanitary products and are recently being assembled as full set of products for large projects.

• Ceramic and granite tiles: total production capacity of ceramic and granite tiles reach 20 millions m2/year and 6 million m2/year respectively, equivalent to 6% of total capacity of the whole sector.

• Terracotta, clay tiles: total production capacity of bricks, roof tile, and split bricks reach over 1 billion pieces QTC/year, accounting for 3% total capacity of the whole sector. Cotto tiles production reach 6.6 millions m2/year, making up to approximately 39% total capacity of the whole sector.

VIGLACERA possesses an integrated production and trading chain of building material products

VIGLACERA specifically focus on diversifying its products and production in order to provide an integrated package of building materials for big construction projects in domestic and foreign markets and also establish an integrated supply chain of raw materials to outputs for the products.

In normal operation, member companies of the Corporation always support each other in terms of technology and market development. For each production field, there always exists a focal point responsible for creating and developing markets for each member company in order to ensure the standardized manufacturing operation and quality management of the products.

The Showroom network of the Corporaton is established to display and sell products in many big cities including Hanoi, Hochiminh and Danang. In addition, member companies of the Corporation also have their own showroom network in 3 regions.

VIGLACERA is the pioneer in technological research, application and transfer in building material industry

VIGLACERA is the pioneer in applying and transferring new modern technology and open technology into production of building materials, such as building glass (1994), sanitary wares and ceramic tiles (1994), granite tiles (1996), cotto tiles (2002)...

VIGLACERA is also the pionner in investments and application of newest advanced technologies in production: tunnel kiln technology (1990), Nanotechnology (2009)… so as to improve product value in comparison with other traditional products of the same types...

VIGLACERA is also a real estate trading company having diversified portfolio suitable to market demands

The Corporation has implemented 15 large-scale real estate projects including infrastructure of industrial parks for lease, urban areas, houses for sales, trade center – offices for lease.

Since 2012, VIGLACERA has implemented many housing products for low-income people including: Residential areas for workers and low-income people in Yen Phong Industrial Park (Bac Ninh), a dormitory for Viglacera Colleage in Yen Phong (Bac Ninh), 1,000 affordable apartments for low-income people in Dang Xa Industrial Park (Gia Lam, Hanoi), in Dai Mo Urban Area (Tu Liem, Hanoi)… which received many supports and good response from the society and were highly appreciated by the Ministry of Construction and management of Hanoi and Bac Ninh and considered as a model pioneer in implementing social responsibilities.

Regarding affordable housing products for low-income people, VIGLAGERA is the pioneer in changing its types of its real estate projects suitable to market demands and is the first enterprise having received financial support from 30,000 billion – dong stimulus package from the Government.

VIGLACERA possesses an experienced and skillful workforce

As at 30/06/2013, Parent Company – Viglacera Corporation has 1,737 employees, in which number of employees with graduate and post-graduate qualification accounts for 40.24%, the most of remaining skillful employees have received technical training.

The management of Viglacera Corporation have high qualification, experiences and management competencies with over 05 years working for the Corporation which ensure the consistency in strategic management and the inheritance of managing directions for the young workforce.

The Corporatin has applied good working policies with regards to facilities, working environment, training and benefits in order to create close connection between employees and the Corporation.

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