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G8 Vietnam Gac Oil

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1. Ingredients

- Pure Gac oil, containing Beta-carotene 150 mg% (15.1 times higher than carrots), lycopene (68 times higher than tomatoes), Vitamin E (Alphatocopherol 12mg%), many vegetable oil such as Oleic 14.4 %, Linoleic 14.7%, Stearic 7.69%, Palmatic 33.38% ... and other essential nutrients for human body.

- Vegetable oil.

2. Indication

- G8 Vietnam Gac Oil is vegetable oil, is extracted from Gac fruit in Vietnam, used as food for daily meals;

- Red Gac Oil should be used to prepare the dish instead of chemical dyes and to ensure food safety and non-toxic;

- G8 Vietnam Gac Oil contains beta-carotene, vitamin E, lycopene that should be effective skin care, skin protection, prevent skin darkening, rash, sunburn, tan cheeks, making the skin always is youthful, rosy and smooth combat hair loss;

- G8 Vietnam Gac Oil contains unsaturated fatty acids linoleic acid is particularly effective to prevent obesity, diabetes, help lower blood choresterol;

- Vietnam Gac Oil G8 support prevention and treatment of lesions in DNA cases infected with radiation, toxic dioxin sprayed by the U.S. in the field or in food growth and decomposition of pesticides not all, in vegetables, meat, or other chemical preservatives used in agricultural, food ... For cancer patients after surgery, radiation, chemicals, steroids ... Gac oil G8 help quickly restore health and prevent the risk of cancer; \

- Vietnam Gac Oil G8 support prevention and treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis and precancerous lesions, especially with HBsAg-positive cirrhosis and high levels of AFP threatens to become primary liver cancer;

- Vietnam Gac Oil G8 support for prevention and cure vitamin deficiency, malnutrition, have been found to have good eyesight and treat dry eyes, blurred vision, night blindness, anemia, nutrition ... enhance the body's resistance againstinfections ... the body to a comprehensive child development and health;

- How to heal quickly, burn. Chamber of respiratory infections ...

- Vietnam Gac Oil G8 also work to increase immunity, prevent cancer particularly breast cancer in women. 
Vietnam Gac oil G8 is natural food, a fruit oils should not toxic, no side effects, is used to replace food coloring and add to food daily to enhance resistance body, anti-aging nutrients and supplements needed to help the body grow.

3. Usage

- For infants (from Wednesday onwards) for prevention and cure vitamin deficiency, dry eye, preventing rickets: Gac oil used for the G8 to milk, flour, porridge ... Every day for the children with 0.5 ml - 1 ml.

- Use cooking away: when cooked sticky rice, for 10 to 30 ml G8 Gac oil and mix well, just a color, has increased nutritional value.

- Add food: meat, beans, fish ...: Every time from 10 to 30 ml depending on the amount of food, just a color, just increase the nutritional value of food.

- Add to the cooked food, mixed salad ...

- The base of the food processing, confectionery, fast food, instant noodles: Use as food coloring, instead of chemical color dyes.

- For cases of skin burns: apply directly to the affected area after wound treatment.

4. Expiry

- Three (3) years from the date of manufacture

- VISA: 3162/2011/YT - CNTC

5. Storage:

- Keep in dry, cool. Protect from light and high temperature> 30 0 C

6. Packing

- Vietnam Gac Oil Bottle 185ml G8

Company profile



   In the 1990s, Dr. Nguyen Cong Suat, who was a soldier, out of war studies at Hanoi Medical University, then worked at the Military Hospital 108, this is a special hospital in Vietnam, special in that it is the treatment of diseases of the generals, senior politicians in the capital Hanoi and always have the cooperation and exchange of scientific expertise with the world, as well as many levels funds for investment in equipment and machinery.

   In this context, Dr Suat has become a key member in the topic Gac oil used to treat patients, military personnel infected primary Dioxin and cancer.Access to many experts Professor and renowned domestic and foreign medical-pharmaceutical industry, access to many research projects prove special uses of Vietnam Gac fruit - not only can support the treatment of liver disease and dioxin contamination, but also a great preventive effect.

   Since then, Dr. Nguyen has prompted to do something to turn Vietnam into a Gac fruit products, not only for patients but healthy people - A type of products that are popular and entire population was used.

   In 2001, VNPOFOOD company was established, and product leadership is VINAGA Gac oil capsule. Processing Company for Vegetable Oils and Foods of Vietnam (hereinafter referred to as VNPOFOOD CO., LTD.) Was established under Decision No: 0102001811 by Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi on 12/01/2001. VNPOFOOD is the first company operating in the food sector - drugs in Vietnam. The main products of the newly established enterprise is VINAGA Gac oil capsule.
Already in 2001 the first shipment Gac oil has been exported to the U.S. to order.Along with branded products VINAGA was formed as health care for the people of Vietnam.

   At that time the sale is facing many difficulties with the people of Vietnam by the concept of food or functional food drug is too new, and because life is too difficult, so the new treatment is urgent also disease prevention is a luxury of the rich.Consistently pursuing the company, promote the popularization and explanation and guidance to people beginning to understand better the value of the product.The company has participated in many exhibitions and consumer fairs competent pharmaceutical, food by units of Vietnam and international organizations. And so far VINAGA products were present across the country in both upland and lowland.

   The first day was with difficulty selling even more difficult is equally significant is the risk that no raw materials. Dr. Nguyen diving to wade across the northern provinces to advocate for her children in the GAC for the company and shows tremendous economic benefits of the GAC as well as commitments to purchase long term products.

  Production line in 2004 VINAGA modern units are imported from South Korea to modernize production technology. Workshops are also building more spacious new extension to achieve the required standards of Vietnam and the world.

  In 2005 the company was granted ISO 9001 certification for quality management systems, marking the maturity of the company, confirmed the quality of products meet international standards.

  In 2007 the company's products have been certified and are widely sold in the European market. VINAGA export products turn out to life.

   Also in 2007 new products Vietnam Gac oil G8 born to better serve the needs Gac oil nutritional supplements for infants.

  August 2007 VINAGA products were honored to receive the award for "Best Products of Southeast Asia" was held in Malaysia.

  In 2008 with the expansion of manufacturing companies have entered a system of modern machines from Japan has contributed to increased productivity of the plant to double current.

   In 2010 the company has completed the requirements for infrastructure facilities, technical and quality control process to ensure food safety and hygiene and is organized by the British WQA certification ISO 22000. It demonstrates the quality of the company's products have been increasingly enhanced.

   VINAGA product in 2011 achieved the title of Vietnam High Quality voted by consumers. This is a great encouragement to trust all the members of the company because that is the reward of the customer, close friend of 10 years VNPOFOOD and development partner.

   In 2012, the company honored to receive two prestigious awards in Europe: The Golden Europe Award For Quality And Commercial Prestige in Paris 07/16/2012; and International award for quality and europe at the Melia Castilla Hotel, Madrid, Spain 28/05/2012. These are noble rewards which VNPOFOOD Vietnam is the only company in the world to be honored.

    So far, products have been distributed widely throughout the Vietnam market and are exported to many countries around the world. The company's products and the company has received many awards and prizes at home and abroad, many major awards of the Department of Health and other organizations, specialized agencies, and above all it is a welcome and the trusted brand for consumers.
The current link of VNPOFOOD

- Central Institute of Medicinal Materials (Ministry of Health)

- Embassy of Panama

- Helvetas


- Business Association Vietnam High Quality Goods

- UN Global Compact UN Global Compact

- Development Association of Consumer Goods Vietnam

- Manufacturing Business Association Vietnam Drug

- Retailers Association of Vietnam

- Women's Club for consumers

- The Vietnam Women's Union

- Vietnam Women's Report

- The Family and Social Affairs

- Newspaper Business Forum

- Saigon Marketing

- Land Vietnamese Newspaper

- JSC Ten General Services

- JSC Trading and Product Development Vietnam

- Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Tam Long

- Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. Van An (HiPP milk)

- TVShopping VCTV11

Self-assessment of the potential and opportunities for development of VNPOFOOD (within 5 years)

   Gac is a fruit with very high nutrient content, is very valuable. The people of Vietnam although familiar with gac fruit but not everyone knows all the effects of gac oil in brightening the eyes, skin, vitamin A supplement naturally resistant rickets, malnutrition, anti-aging chemical. Jobs for people to know, understand and use Gac oil daily social significance because it is highly nutritious source of all-natural, clean, safe and important for public health. Life is growing, the demand for care and health protection is increasingly urgent. Therefore, the production of a product brings enormous benefits to health such as Gac oil will increasingly be focused.

   In five years, VNP OFOOD will be releasing several new product lines to meet the needs of each target customer age, expanding the distribution network both at home and abroad to bring products to health care Gac every home.

   Very proud, Gac - from natural fruit sugar (in terminology of American Scientists) are very easy to grow and popular in Vietnam. Although there Gac in some countries of Southeast Asia, but only in Vietnam, gac new levels of most nutrients (shown in magenta color and size to better results) than in the Gac fruit other areas. VNPOFOOD the first and only company in the world specializing in the manufacture of products from Vietnam Gac fruit, with 10 years experience in the industry, modern machinery and skilled workers, will certainly also reach in the coming decades. Potential and opportunities for development of VNPOFOOD completely open.

Creativity of VNPOFOOD in production and business activities

   Referring to the Gac fruit, any of the people of Vietnam have always known a red prickly fruit used for cooking sticky bowel delicious. Up to 20 research projects on the use of Gac fruit and all of these studies are still only on paper. Even Americans are very interested in Vietnamese Gac fruit. They Gac fruit is called "fruit from heaven" (from natural fruit sugar). Also called as no exaggeration if said in Gac fruit sounded familiar to Vietnamese people origin contain high beta carotene than carrots and more than 15.1 times to 68 times before this tomato ... but simply to sticky rice cooked in food or color ... And in a recent American study was published, the compounds of beta carotene, lycopene, vitamin E oil ... Gac has the ability to disable 75% of substance cancer in general, especially breast cancer. Recognizing the benefits of gac one of a kind, Dr. Nguyen Cong rate determination to pursue the same variables "that can not achievable," meaning Vietnamese Gac fruit to provide maximum benefit to the community, for the of human life. He has released two product lines: gac oil capsule VINAGA (used to drink every day) and Vietnam G8 Gac Oil (cooking) to provide valuable nutrients, ease of use to people.

   VNPOFOOD company is specialized in the production and distribution of products from Vietnam Gac fruit. The world and even in Vietnam, only VNPOFOOD is the only company to own and professional in this field.

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