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  • 1017 Hong Bang - Ward 12 - District 6 - Ho Chi Minh city
Opc pharma

Compositions :

For 1 bottle of 30 ml

Cajuput essential oil (Oleum Cajuputi) … 0,30 g

Sodium lauryl ether sulfate ………….…. 2,40 g

Panthenol (Provitamin B5) …………….. 0,30 g

Excipients (propylene glycol, carboxy methyl cellulose, ethanol 96%, water) s.q.f. 30 ml

Indications :

Gynonew – OPC is originated from the nature, safe for skin and mucous membrane; is used to prevent and treat genital infection, deodorize; help clean the genital area. Gynonew – OPC is indicated in the following cases:

- Clean genital area daily, especially woman in menstrual period, pregnant woman, woman after birth.

- Adjunctive therapy in case of genital infection: vulvitis, vaginitis, vulva itch, leucorrhea.

- Clean the outer genital area for male and female before and after sexual intercourse.

Dosage Form And Administration :

Wet the affected area, pour 1-2 ml of Gynonew on the hand, gently rub on genital area approximately 1- 2 minutes, rinse carefully with clean water.

Gynonew can be applied many times per day.

Contraindications :

It should not be used for people with hypersensitivity to any ingredient of the medicine.

Precautions :

For external use only. Do not take orally. Keep out of the reach of children.

Adverse Effects :

Inform the doctor immediately if any undesirable effect occurs while using the medicine.

Dosage Form And Presentation :

External use solution. Bottle of 30 ml and box of 1 bottle of 100 ml.

Shelf-Life :

36 months from manufacturing date.

Storage Conditions :

in a cool and dry place, temperature below 30oC, protected from light.

Specification :

Manufacturer’s Specification

Keep out of the reach of children
Read carefully the leaflet before use
For any further information, please consult your physician.
For external use only, do not take orally.


OPC Pharmaceutical Joint - Stock Company is originated from Central Pharmaceutical Factory No.26, established on 24/10/1977 according to Decision No.: 1176/BYT-QD of Ministry of Health at 443 Hung Vuong Street, Ward 12, and District 6 (now is 1017 Hong Bang Street, Ward 12, and District 6.

OPC is one of leading companies in production and sales herbal medicine fields and it was the first producing herbal medicine unit which was issued the GMP, GLP, GSP certificate by Vietnam’s Drug Administration and Ministry of Health.

The early days, there are just more than 100 employees in Factory No.26. Office and factory were built on 7000 m2 area

Pouring box line of Golden Star Balm ( product was exported large volume, the golden age of Factory No.26) and the first bottle filling system in Central Pharmaceutical Factory No.26.

OPC was interested in the first marketing activities in 1985s. At that time, forms of brand promotion was simple but they effectively contributed in introducing image and product of OPC to customer from urban to rural in all regions of Vietnam.

Marketing activities in the early days

Thanks to the constant efforts, ingenious leaders of OPC and solidarity of all company’s employees, the boat of OPC had overcome big waves and went directly to big sea. Science and technology is constantly being improved, business scale is being expanded and high-quality products are continually being created to satisfy the health care needs of customers. OPC Pharmaceutical Joint – Stock Company is known as one of leading brands of Vietnam in producing herbal medicine by customers, domestic and foreign people in pharmacy industry –The famous brand with the core value “Quality – Safety – Effectiveness” and the mission “ Take care of community ‘s health” brought to the perceived value in customers' hearts, "OPC-Nature & Life".

On 08/02/2002, according to Decision No. 138/GD-TTG of Prime Minister, Central Pharmaceutical Factory No.26 – OPC was converted to OPC Pharmaceutical Joint- Stock Company.

Office and factory of company from 80s up to now

Now, Binh Duong factory which achieved GMP WHO Certificates was built on 5.6 ha area, applying modern science and technology to satisfy demand of the market and develop stably in future. Our staff of over 700 employees who are highly qualified professionals, technological mastery. The distribution system consists of 9 branches from Northern to Southern, domestic and foreign markets are being expanded, quality system is constantly being improved.

With our values, OPC honored when we received many titles which awarded by the State Government.

Honored titles: The Third class Independence Medal (2005), Hero of Labor in the Innovation Period ( 2000), The First, Second and third class Labor medal (1997,1983,1980)

Some important events:

1980: wasawarded The Third class Labor medal by prime minister

1983: wasawarded The Second class Labor medal by prime minister

1994: The strongest exporting business unit in Pharmaceutical Corporation of Vietnam with the export turnover of 1.4 million USD. Golden Star Balm and some other products of OPC have launched in the market in 15 countries all over the world.

1997: The first business unit applying the advanced modern multifunctional herbal extraction system.

1998: Introduction of pharmaceutical product treating kidney stone Kim Tien Thao tablets “The Old Man brand” for the first time in Vietnam. “It relieves my mind to have Kim Tien Thao OPC treating kidney stone” became one of the 10 prominent events of Pharmaceutical Corporation of Vietnam.

2000: achieved Hero of Labor in the Innovation Period

2001: Signing the agreement on the joint venture between OPC and Kien Kieu Medical Pharmaceutical Science and Technology Development Co. Ltd, - China to produce anti-malarial tablets CV8®, CV Artecan® to serve the National Malaria Prevention and Control Program.

2002: Shareholder’s meeting to establish OPC Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company on 19/03/2002 voting for the Board of Directors and Board of Supervision term I (2002-2006).

2005: achieved the Third class Independence Medal. One of the first oriental pharmaceutical manufacturer granted certificate of GMP-GLP-GSP.

2007: The first oriental pharmaceutical manufacturer issuing shares to the public (01/02/2007). Establishing subsidiary company – Binh Duong OPC Pharmaceutical One Member Co. Ltd, with the initial charter capital of 15 billion VND. Leading Brand of Vietnam High Quality Goods – Top 100 of Vietnam Gold Star Award.


Official listing and trading of shares with stock code OPC at HCM City Stock Exchange (30/10/2008).

Factory meeting the WHO GMP, GLP, GSP standard.

Unique brand in pharmaceutical industry granted the title “Vietnam value”.

2009: Started to build the WHO GMP pharmaceutical factory in Hoa Nhut hamlet – Tan Vinh Hiep commune – Tan Uyen district – Binh Duong province on 27/12/2009, with total investment capital over VND 200 billion.

2010 :

OPC was the only pharmaceutical company among 27 businesses achieving National Brand “Vietnam Value” for the second time.

The Certificate of Merit was issued by Minister of Ministry of Health for business unit excellent in implement of the mission and plan of medical domain in the periods 2006 – 2010.

OPC was the only pharmaceutical enterprise among 9 enterprises in HCM city awarded The Certificate of Merit "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods" in 2010 of People Committee of HCM city.

2011: Shareholders meeting term III (2011 – 2016).


OPC was unique brand in pharmaceutical industry granted the title “Vietnam value” 3 consecutive times ( 2008 – 2013)

Drug Administration - Ministry of Health inspected and issued the Certificate for OPC Binh Duong factory complying with WHO GMP Standard according to Decision No.: 86/GCN-QLD on 21/03/2012.

Celebrating 10 years anniversary of equitization


 “Vietnam High Quality Goods” in 16 consecutive years (1998- 2013).

Top 50 of the most effective business voted by Business Review newspaper

Top 100 of Vietnam Gold Star Award in 7 consecutive years (2007 – 2013)

Exceed VND 550 million of revenue


“Vietnam High Quality Goods” in 17 consecutive years (1998- 2014)

Top 100 of Vietnam Gold Star Award in 8 consecutive years (2007 – 2014)

Started to build branch in Tien Giang (08/03/2014)

With the long history and development, OPC is constantly being improved, business scale is being expanded and high-quality products are continually being created to satisfy the health care needs of customers. Today, with more than 150 products certified to produce, more than 70% of them is made from herbs and distributed directly through 9 branches in the whole country.

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